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We offer a 12 month Car Protect Warranty with all our cars.

You will receive 3 or 5 Star cover depending on your car's age and mileage.

See below for an example of our 5 Star Cover.

Car Protect Dealer Care Guarantee

5 Star Cover (Summary)

This guarantee offers ‘Parts and Labour’ cover for specifically listed Components under the following categories. 

This is a summary of the cover offered. Specific Components are detailed in the guarantee document.

·         Engine

·         Front Wheel Drive

·         Timing Belt

·         Rear Wheel Drive

·         Cooling

·         Differential/s

·         Fuel System (Petrol)

·         Propshaft/s

·         Engine Management

·         Wheel Bearing

·         Manual Gearbox

·         Steering and suspension

·         Clutch

·         Braking

·         Automatic Gearbox

·         Electrical

·         Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT/CTX)

·         Casing

·         Torque Converter

·         Working Material

·         Transfer Box

·         Diesel Cover

The following will only be included if selected as optional additional cover items on the Schedule, and the appropriate additional premiums paid.

·         Turbocharger/Supercharger/Kompressor

·         Anti Lock Brake System (ABS)

·         Air Conditioning/Climate Control

·         Catalytic Converter

·         Four Wheel Drive Vehicles (4X4)

Important Notice Please note that this Insurance Summary does not contain the full terms and conditions of the Insurance product. Full terms and conditions can be found in the Insurance document.

Car Protect is a trademark of Car Protect Ltd and is used with the permission under licence to Motorway Direct PLC.